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About Bubble Cushioning Wrap

We know they're fun to pop. We've heard about people using bubble for insulation, for lining a dance floor, as an inexpensive musical instrument, for general stress relief and even for designing certain items of intimate apparel (blush). Here's some more useful information about how to use bubble cushioning wrap:

Bubble cushioning wrap is lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use and provides excellent protective cushioning and shock prevention.

  • Bubble Tip: Our most frequently asked question — bubbles "in" or bubbles "out"? Though there is heated debate on this topic most experts in the field suggest... (drumroll please)...BUBBLES IN. Wrap your item with the bubbles facing your product. Any given surface will be protected by several bubbles at the same time. The outer plastic layer prevents bubbles from popping.

What kinds of Bubble Cushioning are available – What's the difference?

The two most common sizes of bubble cushioning are 3/16" (small) and 1 /2" (big) bubble. These measurements refer to the thickness of the bubble (how far it protrudes off of the plastic backing). The measurements do not refer to the diameter of the bubbles.

Either size is available in 12" or 24" tall rolls. (Contact us for a freight quote if you are interested in larger rolls) All of our bubble is perforated every 12" so you can easily tear off exactly what you need. All bubble products are available in regular (clear) or anti-static (pink) varieties.

Self-sealing bubble pouches (sometimes called bubble-out-bags) are also available in a variety of sizes.

What variety is best for my needs?

Using small or big bubble is a matter of personal preference but here are our general guidelines:

  • Use 3/16" (small) bubble for small delicate items
  • Use 1 /2" (big) bubble for bulky or heavy items. Also good for void fill.
  • Use anti-static (pink) bubble for electronics, circuit boards, or any other items that can be affected by discharges of static electricity. (Or if you like pink!)

Is there an eco-friendly option?

So glad you asked! First of all, bubble (if its still in good shape) can be re-used several times. If you receive bubble in a package check it out. If it looks good, go ahead and re-use it. If you do need to purchase bubble and are looking for an earth friendly option you are now in luck. Bubblefast now carries green bubble. Yes, it's actually green in color, but it is also environmentally green. Our green bubble is made from at least 35% recycled materials. It has all of the protective properties of clear bubble so you have the opportunity to protect your valuable items and help protect the earth at the same time. You rock!

Have other questions about bubble? Or do you have a great suggestion of how it can be used?

Contact us here. Perhaps we can update this page with your ideas.