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Packing Peanuts and Air Pillows

Packing Peanuts and Air Pillows
Packing Peanuts and Other Void Fill
Provide maximum protection for your products by filling the empty spaces in your packages.
Depending on your specific need, you can choose from:

Packing Peanuts
- Our  packaging peanuts are available in pink anti-static or
white biodegradable eco-friendly varieties.
Air Pillows – Pre-inflated 4” x 8” air cushion pillows.
Pad Loc CushionsPad Locs are packing peanuts in a heavy-duty film bag that contours to the shape of your product. Use Pad Locs to protect your items and absorb shock and vibration during shipping.

For more tips about Void Fill check out our About Void Fill page.

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