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Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags

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Why pay a larger dimensional
weight on products like
comforters and pillows?
When you can use a
space saver vacuum
bag instead.
Significantly reduce the
size of your package.
And ship in an inexpensive
lightweight mailer.
Dual purpose bags save closet and/or suitcase space at home or for travel.
And for your online sales save big $$ on dimensional weight shipping.

Perfect for shipping/storing comforters, blankets, pillows, sweaters, coats
or other clothing.
Bags are airtight and watertight.
Protect your items from dirt, moisture, mildew, insects and odors.
Reusable bags are lightweight but heavy-duty.

How to use:
  • Place item in bag.
  • Drag slider across the top of the bag.
  • Open valve and insert vacuum cleaner hose.
  • Suck out air until bag stops shrinking.
  • To re-open bags gently pull apart zipper.
  • Do not use for food, leather or fur.
  • Do not attempt to compress items
    with sharp edges or corners.

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