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About Boxes

Here's how to find the perfect box for packing, storing and shipping your items:

Tip #1: If you will be using your box for shipping, be sure that you are using a box designed for shipping. Never ship items in gift boxes or in boxes designed for store display. We strongly recommend using new boxes for shipping. Be aware that standard corrugated boxes lose approximately 60% of their strength during their first use.

Tip #2: When possible, buy boxes in bulk. Shipping is a significant factor to consider when purchasing boxes. Generally, the more you order, the more you can save on shipping.

How to choose the right size box

Boxes have three measurements (l" x w" x h"). The first always refers to length (in inches), the second to width and the third to the height of the box.

Stated dimensions always refer to the inside (useable) dimensions.

When deciding on a size box for your specific purpose always allow at least 2-4 inches extra on each side to accommodate packing materials. Remember, that you can always use void fill to fill extra space or can cut down a box that is too tall.

Box Strength

Boxes come in different strengths. It is very important to never exceed the maximum weight limit of any given box.

Most boxes have ECT (edge crush test) ratings printed on the bottom.

A standard corrugated box has a 32 ECT rating. These boxes have a maximum suggested load limit of 65 pounds.

Heavy-duty boxes (44 ECT) are designed to hold up to 95 pounds.

Double Wall Boxes are a good choice for very heavy-duty items or when heavy boxes are going to be stacked. These have an ECT rating of 48 and can hold up to 100 pounds.

Multi-Depth Boxes

Multi-depth boxes allow you to purchase one box size for multiple uses. Boxes are pre-scored at multiple intervals. Cut to your desired size, easily fold down sides and create a perfect custom-sized box.

If you have a box question that we haven't answered, please contact us.

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